activism now

“I’ll tell you: become activists! Yeah, any damn thing is better than nothing. Read Che Guevara, paint furniture pink and super glue it to the sides of city buses, anything… become an activist!”

Joe Strummer, onstage, Barrowlands, Glasgow, 2/10/84

The Clash took many stands during the decade they were active. While the band ceased to exist by 1986 as a creative unit, their words and example still call for action. The people who care about and believe in those songs and the vision of the band keep The Clash alive by acting on those ideas. In that sense, now we are The Clash. This is no joke, but an on-going challenge. Aiming to make our book more than simple “rock journalism,” we hope use this website to offer suggestions, information and resources to encourage that activism now, in our current contexts, based on the principles embodied by The Clash.

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